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Laboratory Introduction

Research Topics

Our research interest is mainly massively parallel systems. Researches of massively parallel systems have many processing levels; configuration of parallel arithmetic units in a VLSI chip, massively parallel systems that consist of a large number of microprocessors, PC-cluster that combines many Linux-PCs with high speed networks, and widely distributed systems such as GRID. We are developing construction method for or technology to use massively parallel systems. Followings are major research topics.



NameWeb PageRemarks
Inoguchi Yasushi( ǫ) http://www.jaist.ac.jp/~inoguchi/ boss
Zhang Yuanyuan ./members/yuanyuan/ doctoral course
Hirose Hayato( ͦ) ./members/hirose-h/master's course
Isonaga Hisashi(㦱 ׻) ./members/h-isona/master's course
Kondou Hiroki(ƣ ͵) ./members/h-kondou/master's course
Shimizu Akihiro( ) ./members/a-shimi/master's course
Takabatake Yoshikazu(ȫ ) ./members/y-takaba/master's course
Shuuhei Matsuyama(ʿ) ./members/matsu-s/master's course
Yamagami Yumi( ͳ) noneoffice administrator

Seminars and Colloquium

We have two seminars in a week.


History of the Laboratory

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Student roomInformation Bldg. 3, Fourth Floor
Prof. RoomInformation Bldg. 2, Second Floor(Inside of Center for Information Science)
Laboratory RoomInformation Bldg. 3, First Floor

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